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    FRACTIONS VISUALLY™ is a VISUAL MATHS FRACTIONS resource For Visual Learner Folks™, Who Find Text-based Fractions No Fun.

    That's children who think fractions are no fun and grown-ups who have never found the best visual resources to master basic maths fractions.
    Ages 5-11, Grades Kindergarten-5th grader or Year group 1-6 in primary education (infants, elementary and junior schools).

    ADDING FRACTIONS STEP-BY-STEP is for students and older learners struggling with adding fractions.
    Ages 11-16, Grades 6th-10th grade or Year group 7-11 in secondary education (middle, senior and high schools).

    Also, from Amazon Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands, plus bookstores such as Blackwell’s, Barnes & Noble, independent bookshops and may be a public or an academic library near you?