How To Join Amazon Associates – UK

Step-by-Step Guide for Self-published Indie Authors/Publishers

This is a very quick instructional post for joining the Amazon Associates affiliate program.

Let’s start!

Joining Associates to create your Associate ID

Search Amazon Associates.
From the search results, choose Associates to join.
Click on the link, or copy and paste the URL address in your Internet browser’s address bar.

Alternatively, you can visit website then scroll All the way down to nearly the bottom of page until you see Associates Programme under the heading Make Money with Us in white text on a black/dark-blue background.

Either way, you come to the following page.

Press Join Now for Free.

Sign in with your Amazon account login info.

Don’t have an Amazon account?
Or existing Amazon account does not work for
Click on Create your Amazon account to sign up for an account.

If you receive a CAPTCHA screen, Enter the characters you see on screen in the Type characters text box.

Click Sign in to login.

Your Account Information

Choose an account/your account for Associates under
To whom should we issue payments?
By default, your primary Amazon address will be displayed.
Go ahead with Next or click Select Different Address to choose from addresses in your Amazon account.

Amazon saves delivery addresses of whomever you’ve sent stuff to – individuals, businesses, presents, gifts!

Also, select an option under Who is the main contact for this account?

For U.S. tax purposes, are you a U.S. person?
Click Next.

Your Website and Mobile App List

Under Enter Your Website(s) textbox, copy/paste or type in the exact URL address of your website(s), for example, then click Add. It will come out as
For instance, becomes, in the space below.

Enter Your Mobile App URL(s)
Here, I simply copied and pasted the URL of my Author Page/Amazon ASIN (short for Amazon Standard Item Number).

According to Amazon, “ASIN is a 10-digit code that Amazon uses to denote specific products.”
That’s a Kindle e-book number, 10-digit ISBN-10 number of a book or your Amazon Author Page (aka Detail Page).

Mine is B007YKU7F2 and on as or
Yours might be similar or slightly different in format, for instance,

In short, I entered my Mobile App URL(s) as
Once clicked Add, it’s formatted as

Click Next (or Previous if you have to correct or modify info).

PS; Creating Your Amazon Associates Account bar shows your progress with a green tick on each task completed.
So far, only ‘Account Information’ is complete, and Website and Mobile App List is open/being edited.


What is you preferred Associate Store ID?

Your Website List and Your Mobile App List will show as listed in previous page.

What are your websites or mobile apps about?
Visual maths fractions.
To make learning maths fractions extremely simple and visual for everyone, especially children.
It’s much easier to understand something when you can visualise it.
Hence, Fractions Visually.

Which of the following topics best describes your websites and mobile apps?
Select primary topics: Books
Select secondary topic: Education/School/Reference/News

What type of Amazon items do you intend to list on your websites or mobile apps?

What type are your websites or mobile apps?
Select primary type: Content or Niche Website
Select secondary type: Blog

Traffic & monetization
How do you drive traffic to your website(s)?
Email, Offline, Social Networks, Forums, SEO, Blogs, Other

How do you utilize your websites and apps to generate income?
Select primary: Amazon Associates is the only way I monetize my site
Select secondary: Amazon Associates is the only way I monetize my site

How do you usually build links?
Blog Editor (e.g. Blogger, WordPress, Typepad)

How many total unique visitors do your websites and apps get per month?
Less that 500

What is your primary reason for joining the Amazon Associates Program?
To monetize my site.

How did you hear about us?
Online search

Type the characters in the above image
Enter the CAPTCHA code. If image is shown again, re-enter the new code.

Contract Terms
Tick/check the box to agree to the terms and conditions of the Associates Program Operating Agreement.

When done, click Finish.

Congrats, you so and SO!
Thank you for applying to the Associates Programme

EU Locale & Website: Associates
Associate ID: fractionsxxxx-xx
(FractionsVisually is truncated! Should have chosen a shorter name of 9 to 13 characters long?)

Sign up for Amazon’s other EU Associates
Click Sign Up Now next to
Afiliados de (Spain),
Club Partenaires Amazon (France), PartnerNet (Germany) and
Programma Affiliazione di (Italy).

PS; Note your Associate ID for each Amazon Associate (i.e. country, Amazon Marketplace, territory or Store).

Enter your Payment and Tax Information
Choose Now or Later.

I chose Now to enter my details there and then.

Your Payment Method
Two options to choose from:
Pay me by gift certificate or
Pay me by direct deposit (only available for banks located in the UK).

A British citizen and/or someone with a UK-based bank account, can choose Pay me a direct deposit.

Enter your bank details; Bank Location (i.e. country), Bank Name, Bank Account Holder Name, IBAN and BIC.

Also, tick ‘Use this payment method for all EU Associates accounts I am registering for in this session.’

Click Submit. Associates Central!

Welcome screen.

That’s the end of Step 1 – Joining the Associates affiliate Program (the initial journey to get to Associates Central!)

Creating Associates affiliate links with your Associate ID

This step is to link products (your books) on your author website to your Amazon Associates account, using your Associates ID created in Step 1.

Click Product Links from the Product Linking drop-down menu on toolbar under amazonassociates.

Below is the Product Links page.

Under Search for Any Product, select All ( and type in your author name in the Search and For boxes, respectively.

Click Go.

Next, click Get link to create a text link for each book found (i.e. product to be linked).

Below Customise And Get HTML heading, select the Text and Image tab (or Text Only, Image Only or Add to Widget).
I opted for the former, Text and Image.

Also, under step 1. Customise Link, you can customise link (Open link in new window, Show border, Background Colour, Title Colour, Price Colour … Reset Colours).

In step 2. Live Preview, you can inspect how the link will look on your website/link page.

In step 3. Get HTML Code for this Product Link, under Hightlight and copy the HTML below, then paste into the code for your website, click Highlight HTML to select the entire link code.

Once selected, copy html code to clipboard, then paste it into your website.

Repeat above process for all products (or books) to be linked to Associates.

For example,


Next, scroll down the list to view all books found under your author name search.

Did not find all your books by author name search?

Go back to ‘Products Links/Search for Any Product‘ page.

This time, input a title/book name in the Search and For boxes. Then click Go.
You might see the same search result, a similar or different one!

Still have not found all your works?
One more time, go back to the ‘Search for Any Product‘ page and search your Amazon ASIN in the Search and For boxes. Click Go.

If you’re lucky, by now you should have found all your books (or at least most of them) including some discontinued (out of print) titles!

Visit your Amazon Author Page to check books listed against or under your name.

Affiliating your books and products on your author website to Associates

Let’s go back to author website.

Login to your website using WordPress Dashboard Log In or whatever means of accessing your website’s admin area.
Creating Amazon Associates Affiliate Links

Choose a page(s) or post/s to paste all the link codes in.
You can place the links one at a time.

Paste link text in Text mode, then switch to Visual to view it.

Click Update, then Preview.

Check how link image will look on screen.

Alternatively, you can place more than one link or all the link codes at once.

In short, links can be edited in Text mode then viewed in Visual mode and previewed on screen to display link images/texts exactly as desired.
For instance,


And so on.

Finally, check if the Associate links on your website are all working correctly by clicking on the images to verify if all links lead to Associates.

That’s it for Step 3; creating cover books links by copying/pasting your Associate ID.

Monitoring and managing your Associates Central page for clicks, earnings and so on.

Visit Associates Central, at

Sign in to your account.

There it is again, Associates Central.

That’s it for this post on How to Join Associates UK.

Thanks for reading.
Please, leave your comments and corrections.

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Eng S Jama is an experienced electronics engineer turned an educational tutor and author of Visual Maths Fractions For Visual Learner Folks™, Who Find Text-based Fractions No Fun.

FRACTIONS VISUALLY™ is a VISUAL MATHS FRACTIONS resource For Visual Learner Folks™, Who Find Text-based Fractions No Fun.

That's children who think fractions are no fun and grown-ups who have never found the best visual resources to master basic maths fractions.
Ages 5-11, Grades Kindergarten-5th grader or Year group 1-6 in primary education (infants, elementary and junior schools).

ADDING FRACTIONS STEP-BY-STEP is for students and older learners struggling with adding fractions.
Ages 11-16, Grades 6th-10th grade or Year group 7-11 in secondary education (middle, senior and high schools).

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